Vocabulary English - Spanish
The vocabulary words listed in here are to develop a broader Spanish vocabulary
wagon carro
waist cintura
waiter mesero, mozo
waitress, chambermaid camarera
walker caminante
wallet billetera
war guerra
warlike bélico
warm cálido
warning advertencia
water drinker bebedero
watercolor acuarela
watercourse, waterway, channel,  canal
waterfalls cataratas
watery acuoso
wave onda
wax cera
way manera
way, pathway, pathroad,  camino
weak débil
wealh, riches riqueza
wedding casamiento, boda
wedge cuña
weighing machine báscula
welcome bienvenido
well being bienestar
western occidental
whale ballena
wherever dondequiera
whisked, beaten batido
white hair cana
white, dartboard, taget blanco
who has celebrity célebre
whoever quienquiera
whose cuyo
wide ancho
width anchura
wilds, woodland monte
win ala
wine vault, wine store room/place, wine cellar bodega
winery bodega
wise, clever sabio
witch bruja
with him consigo
with me conmigo
with you contigo
wood madera
wool lana
work, building site, a play at the theatre obra
worker obrero
world mundo
worldwide mundial
worse peor
wrinkled arruga
written escrito