Vocabulary English - Spanish
The vocabulary words listed in here are to develop a broader Spanish vocabulary
tablecloth mantel
tail cola
talkative hablador
tantrum berrinche
tap canilla
taste, flavor sabor
taste, pleasure gusto
tasty, delicious, tasty sabroso
tax impuesto
tent carpa
test prueba
tester, sampler catador
that eso
theft, robbery robo
then entonces
then, afterwords luego
thick grueso
thief ladrón
thin delgado
thing cosa
thought pensamiento
thread hilo
throat garganta
ticket boleto
tickling cosquillas
tight ceñido
tile azulejo
tiny, petite, small menudo
tip propina
tired cansado
tiredness cansancio
to bathe, have a swim bañar
to be agitated agitado
to be bored, boring aburrido
to be opposed to oponerse
to be surprised at sorprenderse
to beat, duel batir
to begin, start comenzar
to behave portarse
to brush cepillar
to catch a cold resfriarse
to complain quejarse
to cure the meat with salt acecinar
to dispair desesperar
to dive bucear
to drink beber
to drool, slavering, slobber babear
to eat comer
to embroider bordar
to employ, to use emplear
to encourage animar
to enjoy gozar
to enjoy oneself divertirse
to enroll, to register, matriculate matricularse
to entretain entretener
to experiment experimentar
to fascinate, to captivate facinar
to give regalar
to graduate graduarse
to grieve apenarse
to hurt oneself lastimarse
to kiss besar
to knock down derrumbar
to laugh reírse
to leave, to go away marcharse
to link enlazar
to miss extrañar
to narrow, to tighten estrechar
to notice, to stare fijarse
to order, give a task
to own, to posses poseer
to pray rezar