Vocabulary Spanish - English
The vocabulary words listed in here are to develop a broader Spanish vocabulary
macizo mountainous, landmass, massive, stout
madera wood
maíz corn
maleta suitcase
mancha stain
mandado errand
manera way
manga sleeve
manta blanket
mantel tablecloth
manteca butter
manto mantle, overcoat, cloak
máquina machine
marca brand
marcharse to leave, to go away
marido husband
marisco shellfish
marrón brown
materia subject
maternal maternal
matricularse to enroll, to register, matriculate
mayor greater, alcalde, elder, older of age, major
mayormente mainly, mostly
media stocking, average
médico doctor
medio half,middle
mediodia noon
mejor better
menester kind of job ot task, requirement
menor younger, minor
mentira lie
menudo tiny, petite, small
merienda afternoon snack
mesero waiter
metro meter, subway
mezcla mixture
mientras during
milagro miracle
milla mile
miseria misery
mismo same
misterio mistery
mitad half,middle
moda fashion
modismo idiom
modo manner, way
molido grounded, minced, crushed
moneda coin
montaña mountain
monte wilds, woodland
morado purple
mostrador counter
mozo waiter
muchedumbre crowd
mueble forniture
multa fine, penalty
multitud multitude, crowd
mundial worldwide
mundo world
muñeca doll, wrist