Vocabulary English - Spanish
The vocabulary words listed in here are to develop a broader Spanish vocabulary
face cara 
fact, done, finished, hecho
 from the verb "hacer" past participle "done"
factory fábrica
faculty,  facultad
fair, market, holiday feria
faith fe
fall caer
falls bajas
fame fama
fan-shaped oblect abanico
far lejos
farm granja
farmer campesino
fashion moda
fast rápido
fasting ayuno
fatherland, motherland patria
fault falta
feast, dinner party banquete
female dancer bailarina
fenced, cercado
fierce feroz
fight, struggle lucha
figure figura
film, movie película
fin aleta
fine, penalty multa
finger dedo
fire fuego
firearm, gun, weapon, arma
  from the verb "armar" indicative, present "él arma"
fireman bombero
firewood leña
first aid kit botiquín
first use, first performance estreno
fish pescado
fish tank, acuarium acuario
fishing pesca
fits cabe
fiver fiebre
flag bandera
flat, level, plain llano
flat, map, level plano
flea pulga
flock bandada
floor piso
floor tile baldosa
flower harina
flower bed cantero
fog neblina
folder, file carpeta
following, next siguiente
food alimento
foodstuff, eatable comestible
foot pie
footstool banquillo
forehead frente
foreign extranjero
forerunner precursor
forest bosque
forniture mueble
fortress, fort, stronghold fortaleza
frecuency frecuencia
free libre
freedom libertad
fresh, cool fresco
friendship amistad
frightened asustado
frightening, terrifying aterrador
frog rana
from, since desde
frontier, boundary line, border, limit frontera
frown ceño
frozen congelado
funny chistoso
future porvenir
fuzzy borroso