Vocabulary Spanish - English
The vocabulary words listed in here are to develop a broader Spanish vocabulary
fábrica factory
facultad faculty, 
falda skirt
falta fault
fama fame
fantasma ghost
fascinar to fascinate, to captivate
fe faith
feliz  happy
feria fair, market, holiday
feroz fierce
ferretería hardware store
fiarse to trust
fiebre fiver
figura figure
fijarse to notice, to stare
filoso sharp
fin end
folleto pamphlet, brochure, flyer
fomentar to promote, foment, encourage
fondo bottom, background, fund
fortaleza fortress, fort, stronghold
fotografía picture, photograph
frecuencia frecuency
freno brake
frente forehead
fresa strawberry
fresco fresh, cool
frontera frontier, boundary line, border, limit
fuego fire
fuera out, 
from the verb "ser" subjuntivo imperfecto "yo fuera"
fuerte strong
fuerza strength