S -ir
sacudir to shake
salir to come/go out, lo leave, depart
seducir to seduce
seguir to follow, to come after
sentir to feel, to sense, to regret, to be sorry
sentirse to feel well/ ill / sorry
servir to serve, to be useful
sobrevivir to survive
sonreír to smile
subdividir to subdivide
subir to go up, climb, lift up, to get on, to rise
subscribir to subscribe
subsistir to subsist, to survive
substituir to take the place of
sugerir to suggest, to hint
sumergir to sumerge, to sink
suprimir to suppress, to abolish
surgir to emerge, to come up, to arise
sustituir to sustitute, to replace
T - ir
teñir to dye
traducir to translate
transcribir-trascribir to transcribe
transferir-trasferir to transfer
transmitir-trasmitir to transmit
U - ir
unir to join, unite
V - ir
venir to come, to arrive
vestir to put on, to wear, to dress
vestirse to get dressed
vivir to live
Z - ir
zambullir to dive
zambullirse to dive, to plunge