M - ir
maldecir to curse
medir to measure
mentir to lie
N - ir
nutrir to nourish
O - ir
obstruir to obstruct
ocurrir to happen
oir to hear
omitir to omit
oprimir to squezze, tooppress
P - ir
partir to set out/off, to divide, to split, to brake
pedir to ask for, request, to order, to demand
percibir to perceive, notice, earn, receive, get
permitir to permit, to allow
perseguir to pursue, follow upn, to chaser, persecute
persistir to persite
podrir- pudrir to rot, to decay, upset
predecir to predict, forecast
preferir to prefer
prescribir to prescribe, 
presentir to have a premonition
presidir to preside at, preside over, to take the chair
presumir to presume
prevenir to prevent, 
producir to produce
prohibir to prohibit, to ban
proseguir to continue, carry on, proceed with, to continue, to go on
pulir to polish, to smooth
R - ir
reabrir to reopen
recibir to receive, to welcome
reconstruir to reconstruct
reducir to reduce
regir to govern, to rule, run, manage
reinvertir to reinvest
reír to laugh
rendir to give up
reñir to scold, to quarrel, to fight
repartir to distribute, to deliver
repetir to repeat
reprimir to repress
reproducir to reproduce
requerir to request, to ask, to require
resistir to resist, to last, to endure
restituir to return, to give back, to restore
restringir to restrict, to limit
resumir to cut down, to summarize, to abridge
retribuir to reward, to pay
reunir to reunite, to join, to gather
revertir to revert
revestir to cover, to coat
revivir to revive