G - ir
gruñir to growl, to grumble
H -  ir
herir to wound, injure, offend
hervir to boil
huir to flee, escape,
hundir to sink
I -  ir
impartir to impart, to give
impedir tp prevent, to obstract
imprimir to print
incluir to impede, to include, to incorporate
inducir to induce, to infer, to persuade
influir to influence
ingerir to ingest, to swallow
inhibir to inhibit, to restrain
inscribir to inscribe, to list, to register
insistir to insist
instruir to instruct, to teach, educate
interferir to interfere
interrumpir to interrupt, to switch off, cut off
intervenir to participate, to intervene
introducir to introduce, to insert
intuir to know by intuition
invadir to invade
invertir to invest, to reverse
ir to go, to travel, 
irse to go away, to leave
L - ir
latir to beat
lucir to display,to show of, to shine up