D - ir
decidir to decide
decidirse  to make up one's mind
decir to say,to tell, to speak
deducir to deduce, to deduct
definir to define
deprimir to depress
derretir to melt
describir to describe
descubrir to discover, to find, to uncover
desmentir to refute, to deny
despedir to fire, to say good bye to
desteñir to fade
destituir to dismiss
destruir to destroy
desvestir to undress
diferir be different, differ, hold over
difundir to spead, to divulge
digerir to digest, to absorb
diluir to dilute
dirigir to direct, to produce, to conduct, to manage, to speak to
discutir to discuss, to argue about
disminuir to decrease, to lessen, to diminish
distinguir to distinguish
distribuir to distribute
dividir to divide, to separate, distribute
divertir to amuse, to entretain
divertirse to have a good time, to have fun
dormir to sleep
dormirse fall asleep
E - ir
elegir to choose, select, to elect, to opt for
eludir to avoid, evade, elude
embutir to pack tight
emitir to emit, to issue, to express, to broadcast
escribir to write
escupir to spit
escurrir to strain, to drain
esparcir to spread
evadir to evade, to avoid
exhibir to exhibit
exigir to demand, to require
exprimir to squeeze
extinguir to extinguish
F - ir
fingir to simulate, fake
freír to fry
fruncir to pucker, pleat