A - ir
abatir to knock down, to depress
abrir to open, to unlock
aburrir to bore
aburrirse to be bored
acudir to come along, to rush to, to attend
adherir to join, to become a member
admitir to admit, to accept, allow, recognize
adquirir to acquire, to obtain
advertir to warn, to give/take a notice, observe, advise
afligir to afflict, to worry, to aggrieve
agredir to assoult
aludir to allude, to refer to
añadir to add
aplaudir to applaud, clap
arrepentir to regret
asir to grasp, seize
asistir to assist, to attend, be present
asumir to assume
atribuir attribute
aturdir tu stun
B - ir
batir to beat, to whisk, flap ( move the wings or arma up and down) inform against
bendecir to bless
C - ir
ceñir grid on
coexistir to coexist
coincidir to agree
combatir to fight, to combatm to attack
compartir to share
competir to compete
comprimir to compress
concebir to concuve
concluir to conclude
concurrir to meet, to gather, to come together
conducir to conduct, to drive
confundir to confuse, to mistake
conseguir to get, to obtain, to attain
consentir to consent to, to admit, to agree
consistir to consist of, to be due to
constituir to constitute, establish
construir to build, to construct
consumir to consume, to waste away
contribuir to contribute, to pay
convenir to agree, to suit
convertir to convert
convivir to live together
corregir to correct, to reform
cubrir to cover, 
cumplir to realize, to finish ones service