Q -er
querer to want, to wish
R - er
recoger to pick up, to gather, fetch, to collect, to harvest
reconocer to recognize
recorrer to go over, to look over, to travel through
rehacer to redo, repeat, to mend, to repair
rejuvenecer to rejuvenate
remover to remuve
renacer to reborn, to revive
reponer to replace, to put back
resolver to resolve, to solve
responder to answer, to respond
restablecer to restablish, recover
retener toretain, to keep
retorcer to twist
retroceder to move backwards
revender to resell
revolver to mess up, to stir up
romper to break, to smash, to tear, to rip
S - er
saber to know, learn
satisfacer to satisfy
ser to be, 
socorrer to help
soler to occur rarely, to a ccustomed   to
sorprender surprise
sostener to support, to sustain, to keep up
substraer/sustraer subtract, to reduce, to remove
suceder to happen, to succeed
superponer to superpose, to overly
suponer to suppose
T - er
tejer to knit
temer to fear, to be afraid
tener to have, 
torcer to twist, to bend
toser to cough
traer to bring, to carry
V - er
valer to be worth, to be useful, to be valid, to cost
vencer to defeat, to vanquish
vender to sell
ver to see, to look at, to watch
volver tu turn round, to return, to come back
Y - er
yacer to lie, lie down