E - er
ejercer to practise, exercise
embeber to absorb, to soak up
embellecer to beautify
emprender to begin, to embark on 
encarecer to put up the price, exaggerate
enceguecer to blind
encender to light, switch on, to inflame, to flare up, to flash
enflaquecer to make thin
enflaquecerse to become thin, lose weight
enloquecer to drive mad, to go mad
enmudecer to silence
enorgullecer fill with pride
enriquecer to make rich, enrich
enriquecerse to get rich
entender to understand, to realize
entristecer to sadden, grieve
envejecer to make old
envejecerse to grow old
envolver to wrap
escoger to choose, select
esconder to hide
esconderse to hide
establecer to establish, to settle
exponer to expose, to display
extender to extend, to stretch out, to spread
extraer to extract, to take out
F -  er
favorecer treat favorably
florecer to flower, to flourish
fortalecer to strengthen
H -  er
haber (auxiliar)
to have
haber (impersonal)   
there is/ are
hacer to make, to do
humedecer to moisten
I - er
imponer to impose, comand
indisponer to make ill, to upset, to spoil
L -  er
leer to read
LL - er
llover to rain