A - er
abastecer supply, provide
aborrecer to detest, to hate
acceder to accede, to agree
acontecer to happen, to take place, ocurr, come about
adormecer to become sleepy
agradecer to thank, to be thankful for, to be grateful
amanecer to dawn, dawn
anochecer to get dark, nightfall, dark
aparecer to appear
apetecer to long for, to desire
aprender to learn
apretar to tighten, to squeeze
arder to burn
ascender to ascend, to climb, to be promoted
asegurar to assure
atardecer to get dark, evening, dusk
atender to attend, to pay attention, to look after
atraer to atract
B - er
barrer to sweep, sweep clean, sweep out, sweep away
beber to drink
C - er
caber to fit to have enough room
caer to fall , to make a good/bad impression
ceder to hand over
comer to eat
cometer to commit
compadecer to be sorry for, to pity
complacer to please
componer to make up, to compose, to mend
comprender to understand
comprometer to compromise
conceder to concede
conmover to move, to shake, to disturb
conocer to know, to meet
contener to contain, to hold, to hold back
contraer to contract, to shrink, 
convencer to convince, to persuade
correr to run, to slide, to move
coser to sew
crecer to grow
creer to believe
D - er
deber to owe, it must, it should
defender to defend
depender to depend on
desagradecer ungrateful, unthankful, thankless
desaparecer to disappear, to vanish, to hide
descender to descend, to come down
descoser to unstitch
deshacer to undo, unpack, unmake
desenvolver to unwrap
desobedecer to disobey
destejer unravel
detener to stop, to arrest, to keep
detenerse to stop
devolver to return, to send back
disolver to dissolve
distraer to allow one's attention to wander, to entretain
doler to hurt