S - ar
saborear to savour, to flavour, to relish
sacar to take out/ off, to remove
sacrificar to sacrifice
saldar to pay off, to liquidate
salpicar to sprinkle, to scatter
saltar to jump, to skip, to bounce
saludar to greet, to salute, regards, best wishes
salvar to save, rescue
sanar to heal, to cure
sancionar to sanction
satirizar to satirize
saturar to saturate
secar to dry
secarse to dry up
secuestrar to kidnap
sellar to seal
sembrar to sow, sprinkle
sentar to stablish, to suit
sentarse to sit, to sit down
señalar to mark, to point out, to indicate
separar to separate, to divide
significar to mean, signify, to make known
simbolizar to simbolize
simular to simulate
sincronizar to synchronize
sintetizar to synthesize
sintonizar to syntonize
situar to place, to put, to locate, to situate
sobornar to bribe
sobrar to exceed, to remain
sobrecargar to overload
sobrevolar to fly over
sofocar to soffocate
soldar to weld, to join, to unite, solder
solicitar to ask for, to request
soltar to let go, to unfasten, loosen, release, set free
solucionar to solve, to find a solution
sonar to ring, to sound
soñar to dream about, dream of
soplar to blow away/off/up
soportar to support, to hold up
sortear to raffle, to toss up for
sospechar to suspect
suavizar to soften, smooth
subrayar to underline
subvencionar to subsidize
sudar to sweat
sugestionar to influence
sumar to add up, to collect
suministrar to supply, to provide
superar to surpass, to go beyond
supervisar to supervise
suplantar to supplant
suplicar to beg, to plead for/with
suspirar to sigh
susurrar to whisper
T - ar
tapar to cover, to obstruct
temblar to tremble, to shake, to shiver
tentar to tempt, to attract
tostar to toast, roast, tan
tapizar to upholster, to wallpaper, to carpet
tardar to be late, to take long time, to delay
tatuar to tatoo
terminar to finish, to end
tirar to throw out/away, to drop, to pull
titubear to hesitate, stagger
tocar to touch, to play, to knock
tolerar to tolerate, to endure
tomar to take, to drink
tonificar to tone up
trabajar to work
tragar to swallow, to devour
traicionar to betray
tramar to plot, to weave
tranquilizar to calm, to tranquilize
transformar to transform, to convert
transitar to go from place to place
transplantar-trasplantar to transplant
transportar-trasportar to transport
transformar-trasformar to transform, to convert
trasladar to move, to transfer
traspasar to cross over, to go beyond, to transfer
transpirar-traspirar to perspire, to transpire
tratar to treat, to deal with, to try to
traumatizar to traumatize
trazar to sketch, to plan, to trace
trepar to climb
triplicar to triplicate
triturar to grind, to chew
triunfar to triunph, to win
trotar to trot
tropezar to trip, to stumble