Q - ar
quebrar to breake
quebrarse to get broken
quedar to stay, remain
quedarse to remain
quejarse to complaint, moan
quemar to burn up
quemarse to burn up, to get sunburnt
quitar to remove, to take of, to take away
R - ar
rallar to grate
raspar to scrape, to scratch, to file
rastrear to track
rayar to scratch, to cross, underline
reaccionar to react
reactivar to reactivate, restart
realizar to achieve, to make, to come true
rebajar to reduce, to lower
recalentar to reheat, overheat
recargar to overload, to recharge, to increase prices
recaudar to collect
recetar to prescribe
rechazar to push back, repudiate, rejecting, refuse, desclaim, repel
reciclar to recycle
reclamar to claim, demand
recobrar to recover, to get back
recomendar to recommend, to suggest
recomenzar to start again, begin again, recommence
recompensar to reward, to recompense
reconquistar to reconquer, to win back
reconsiderar to reconsider
recordar to remember, to remind
recortar to cut out
recostar to lean, to lie down
redactar to draw up, to draft
reemplazar to replace
reencontrar to meet again
refinanciar to refinance
reflexionar to reflect
reformar to reform, to change
reforzar to reinforce, to encourage
refrescar to refresh, to cool down
regalar to give away, to give a present
regar to water, sprinkle, irrigate
regatear to bargain
registrar to record, to register, to look through
registrarse to register
reglamentar to regulate
regresar to come/go back, return
regular to adjust, to control, regulate
rehusar to rehuse
reinar to reign
reinstalar to reinstal
relacionar to relate, to connect
relatar to relate, to tell
relevar to take over, to relieve of, to exonerate
rellenar to fill up, to stuff
remar to row
remolcar to tow
remontar to soar, to mend
renovar  to renew, to renovate
renunciar to resign, to give up, to quit
reorganizar to reorganize
reparar to repair, to make amends
repasar to pass by again, to check, revision, 
repoblar to repopulate
reportar to report
resaltar to highlight, to stick out
resbalar to slip, to slide
rescatar to rescue, recover
rescindir to rescind, to cancel
reservar to keep, reserve
resfriar to catch a cold
respaldar to support
respetar to respect
respirar to breathe
responsabilizar to make someone responsible, to entrust
restar to substract, to take away
restaurar to restore
resultar to turn out (to be), resulting
retar to challenge, to defy, to dare
retirar to withdraw, to remuve, to retire
retomar to retake
retornar to return, to go/come back
retrasar to postpone, to slow down
retratar to paint the portrait, to photpgraph
revelar to reveal, to develop
reventar to burst, explode
revisar to check, revise
revocar to revoke
revolcar to roll over, to wallow
revolear (lunfardo)  (slang) Girar alguna cosa en alto con la intención de arrojarla.
rezar to pray
rezongar to grumble
rifar to raffle
rimar to rhyme
robar to rob, to steal
rociar to spray
rodar to wheel, to roll down, to film
rodear to surround, to go round
rogar to beg, plead, to ask for
roncar to snore
ruborizar to blush