M - ar
madrugar to get up early
madurar to ripen, to mature
malgastar to waste, to ruin
manchar to stain, to spotting, 
mandar to order, to lead, to command, to send
manejar to manage, operate, to handle, to drive
mangar to cadge, pinch, steal, scrounge
manifestar to manifest,, show, to declare
manipular to manipulate, to handle
manotear to use one's hands
maquillar to make up
maquillarse to put on (some) make up
marcar to mark, dail, score, record, to set, indicate, point to
marchar to go away, to depart, march
marear to go dizzy
martillar to hammer
mascar to chew, mumble
masticar to chew, chew up, chew on, to masticate
materializar to materialize
matizar to tint, to tinge
matricular to register, enroll
matricularse to matriculate for
maximizar to maximize
medicar to medicate
meditar to think over, meditate
mejorar to improve, make better
memorizar to memorize
mencionar to mention
merendar to have a tea and cake/ cookies in the afternoon
mezclar to mix, to shuffle
mimar to flatter, to pamper
minimizar to minimize
mirar to look at, to watch, 
modelar to model, fashion
modernizar to modernize
modificar to mkodify
mojar to wet, to damp, to moisten, to soak
monopolizar to monopolize
to bother, annoy, inconovenience, put out, upset, harass, irritate, molest.
montar to mount, to get on, to assemble, to set up
mostrar to show, to display, exhibit
motivar to motivate
movilizar to mobilize
mudar to change, to move
mudarse change, move
multar to fine
multiplicar to multiply, to increase
murmurar to whisper, murmur
N - ar
nacionalizar to nationalize
nadar to swim
narrar to narrate
naufragar to sink, shipwrecked
navegar to sail, to fly
necesitar to need, require
negar to deny, refuse
negarse to refuse to
negociar to negotiate, deal in, trade in  treat; bargain.
neutralizar to neutralize
nevar to snow
nombrar to name, to mention
nominar to nominate, to appoint someone
normalizar to normalize
notar to notice, note  observe, remark, annotate, spot; taste 
notificar to notify, to inform