J - ar
jactarse to boast
jalar to pull, haul
jubilar to retire, to discard
jugar to play, to gamble
juguetear to play arround, to play about
juntar to join, to assamble, put together
juntarse to joint, to meet, to approach
jurar to swear
juzgar to judge
L - ar
ladrar to bark
lamentar to regret, to lament
lanzar to throw
largar to release, to start to, to launch
lastimar to wound, to hurt
lavar to wash.  
lavarse to wash one's self
legalizar to legalize
levantar to raise, to pick up, to lift
levantarse to get up
liberar to liberate
licitar bid for
licuar to liquefy, to liquate
liderar to lead
lijar to sand
limar to file, to polish
limitar to limit, to reduce
limpiar to clean, to wipe away
liquidar to liquidate, to sell of, to pay off
localizar to locate, to find
lograr to achieve, to get, to locate
lucrar to enrich
luchar to fight
lustrar to polish, to shine
LL -ar
llamar to call, to knock/ring
llamarse to be called, be named
llegar to arrive, to reach
llenar to fill, to cover
llevar to take, to weare, to carry, to drive, to transport.
llorar to cry, weep

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