H -  ar
habilitar to enable
habitar to inhabit, to occupy, to live
habituar to accustom
hablar to speak, talk
hallar to find
hallarse be located, find oneself
helar to freeze, to congeal, to chill
heredar to inherit
hipnotizar to hipnotize
hipotecar to mortgage, hypothecate
hojear to turn the page of, to leaf through
hornear to bake
horrorizar to horrify
hospedar to accommodate
hospitalizar to hospitalize
hurtar to steal, thieve
I -  ar
idealizar to idealize  
identificar to identify  
idolatrar to idolize, worship
ignorar be unaware, not know
igualar to make equal
iluminar to iluminate, to light up
ilusionar indulge in wishful thinking
ilustrar to ilustrate, to instruct
imaginar to imagine
imitar to imitate, to mimic
implantar to implant
importar to import
impregnar to impregnate
impresionar to impress
improvisar to improvise
impugnar to impugn
impulsar to propel, impulse
inaugurar to inaugurate
incendiar to set on fire, to inflame
inclinar to incline, to nod, to bow
incomodar to bother, to annoy
incorporar to incorporate, to stand up
incrementar to increment, to rise, increase
incriminar to incriminate, to accuse
indagar to investigate, to search
indemnizar to indemnify, to compensate
independizar to grant independence
indexar to index
indicar to indicate, to show, to point to
indignar to anger, make indignant
industrializar to industrialize
inflar to inflate, dilate
informar to inform, to reveal, to make known
ingeniar to think up, contrive
ingresar to come in, to go into, to join
inhabilitar to disqualify
inhalar to inhale
iniciar to initiate
inmigrar to immigrate
insinuar to insinuate
inspeccionar to inspect, check
inspirar to inspire
instalar to instal, to set up
insubordinar to rebel
insultar to insult
intentar to try,attempt
intercalar to insert, intercalate
intercambiar to exchange
interceptar to intercept
intercomunicar to intercomunicate
interconectar to interconnect
interesar to interest
internar to intern
interpretar to interpret
interrogar to interrogate,question
intimar to intimate
intoxicar to intoxicate, to poison
intranquilizar to cause concern, worry, disturb
intrigar to intrigue
inventar to invent
investigar to investigate, to search
invitar to invite
invocar to invoke, to call on
involucrar to implicate, to involve
inyectar to inject
irradiar to irradiate
irritar to irritate
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