F -  ar
fabricar to manufacture, make, to fabricate
facilitar to make easy, to facilitate
facturar to invoice
falsificar to counterfeit, forge
faltar to be lacking, to be absent, be missing
fallar to fail, sentence on
familiarizar to familiarize, to aquaint
fantasear to daydream
fascinar to fascinate
fatigar to tire, to weary
fecundar to fecundate
felicitar to congratulate
fertilizar to fertilize, make fertile
festejar to celebrate
fiar to sell on credit
fijar to affix, to stick, to settle
flimar to film, shoot
firmar to sign
flotar to float
fluctuar to fluctuate
formalizar to formalize
formar to form, shape, educate
formular to formulate
fotocopiar to photocopy
fotografiar to photograph
fracasar to fail
fraccionar to divide, brake up
fracturar to fracture, break
frenar to brake
frotar to rub
fumar to smoke
fumigar to fumigate
funcionar to function, to work  
fundar to found, to establish, base
G - ar
ganar  to gain, to earn, 
garantizar to guarantee
gastar to spend, to wasteto wear out
gatear crawl
generalizar to generalize
generar to generate
gesticular to gesticulate, gesture
gestionar conduct, to arrange, manage, transact
girar to turn, spin
glorificar to glorify
gobernar to govern
golear to score
golpear to beat, to punch, to knock, to hit
grabar to engrave, to record
graduar to graduate, to grade, calibrate, scale
graduarse to graduate
gritar to shout, yell
guardar to keep, to save
guiar to guide, direct
guiñar to wink, to blink
gustar tu tasteto please
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