E - ar
economizar to economize, to save
echar to throw, to pour, to fire, to emit
echarse to lie down, , to lock, to break into tears/ run/
edificar to build
editar to publish, to edit
educar to educate
efectuar to carry out, to make
ejecutar to execute
elaborar to elaborate, to make, to prepare
electrificar/electrizar to electrify
electrocutar to electrocute
elevar tu put up, to rise, to lift
eliminar to eliminate, to remove
elogiar to praise, to eulogize
emancipar to emancipate
embalar to parcel, to package
embalsamar to embalm
embarcar to ship, to embark, to put/go on board
embargar to paraly, to confiscate, to impound
emborrachar to intoxicate, make drunk
emborracharse to get drunk
embrujar bewitch, haunt
emigrar to emigrate, migrate
emocionar to excite, to impress, to touch
empacar to pack, to package
empalmar to join, to connect, 
empapar so soak
empapelar to paper, to wrap
empaquetar to pack, to parcel up
empatar to draw, tie
empeñar to pawn, to pledge
empeorar to make/get, worse, deteriorate
empezar to begin, to start
emplear to employ, to use
empujar to push
enamorar to inspire love
enamorarse to fall in love
encabezar to lead, head, to be at the top, to put a heading to
encadenar to chain, shackle
encantar to charm, delight, cast a spell, 
encansillar file, classify
encarar confront, face
encargar to entrust, take charge of
encerar to wax, polish
encerrar to shut in
enchufar to plug in
encontrar to find, to meet
encuadernar to bind
encuadrar to frame, to fit, to insert, to contain
enderezar to straighten, to set upright, to stan up
endeudarse to get into debt
endulzar to sweeten
enfadar to anger, to annoy
enfadarse to get angry or annoyed
enfatizar to emphasize
enfermar make ill, fall ill
enfermarse be taken ill, get ill
enfocar to focus, to approach, to look at
enfrentar to face, to control, to put face to face
enfriar to cool, to chili, to cool down
engañar to deceive, to cheat
engordar to fatten, to get fat, to put on weight
enhebrar to thread
enjabonar to soap
enjuagar to rinse
enjuiciar to prosecute
enmendar to emend, to correct
enmudecer to silence, to go silent
enojar to anger, to annoy
enojarse to get angry or annoyed
enroscar to screw
ensamblar to assemble
ensayar to test, try, rehearse
enseñar to teach, instruct
ensuciar to dirty,
entallar to tailor
enterar to inform
enterarse to find out, get to know
enterrar to bury
entonar to tone, to intone
entrar to bring in, to enter, come in
entregar to hand, to deliver, to give up, to surrender
entrevistar to interview
entusiasmar to excite, to delight, fill with enthusiasm
entusiasmarse to get enthusiastic
enviar to send
equivocar to mistake
equivocarse to be wrong, to make a mistake
errar to err, make an error
escalar to climb
escapar to escape, to run away
escuchar to listen
esfumar to fade
esperar to wait for, to hope for, to expect
espesar to thicken
esquiar to ski
estacionar to park
estallar to burst, to explode
estar to be, to be in, to be present
esterilizar to sterilize  
estimar to estimate  
estimular to stimulate
estirar to stretch
estrenar to wear, move,present for the first time
estropear to spoil, to damage
estudiar to study
evacuar to evacuate
evaluar to evaluate
evitar to avoid
evolucionar to develop, evolve
exagerar to exaggerate
explicar to explain
explorar to explore
explotar to explode
exportar to export
expresar to express, enunciate, voicing
expulsar to eject, to expel, to fire, send off
exteriorizar to exteriorize, externalize
exterminar to exterminate
extrañar to miss, to find strange or odd