CH  - ar
charlar to talk, chat
chismear to gossip
chocar to crash, to collide
D - ar
danzar to dance
dañar to damage
dar to give, to show, to yield, to deal,to hit on,
debilitar to weaken
debutar make ones debut
decapitar to behead
declarar to declare, to explain
decorar to decorate
decretar to decree
dedicar to dedicate, to devote
dedicarse to be dedecated
deformar to deform
defraudar to disappoint, to defraud
dejar to leave, to allow, to abando, to forsake, to produce, to yield, to stop
delatar to inform on or against, to betray
delegar to delegate
deletrear to spell
deliberar to debate
delirar to be delirious
demandar to demand
demorar to delay
demostrar to prove, to show, to demostrate
denunciar to report, to inform on or against
depilar to depilate
depositar to deposit
depurar to purify
derivar to derive, to drift
derogar to override, to revoke, to abolish, to unmake, annul, void
derramar to spill, to pour out
derribar to demolish, to knock down
derrochar to squander
derrotar to defeat
desabotonar to unbutton
desabrigar to unprotect, to expose
desabrochar to unfasten
desagradar to displease, to bother
desahogar to relieve, to left off steam
desajustar to loosen
desalojar to move out, toevacuate
desamparar to leave defenceless
desangrar lose blood
desanimar to discourage, to depress
desaprobar to disapprove
desaprovechar to waste
desarmar to disarm
desarreglar to disarrange
desarrollar to develop
to develop, evolve; to unwind
desatar to untie, 
desayunar to have breakfast
desbloquear to unblock
descalcificar to decalcify
descalificar disqualify, to discredit
descalzar to take off ( shoes)
descansar to rest, to lie down
descargar to unload
descarrilar go off the rails
descartar to reject, to set aside, to discard
descifrar to decipher
desclavar nail up
desconectar to disconnect, switch off
desconfiar mistrust
descongelar unfreeze, to defrost
desconocer to ignore, to fail to remember
descontar to deduct, to discount, to take for granted
desear to wish for, to desire, to want
desembalar to unpack
desembarcar to land
desenchufar to unplug
desengrasar to degrase
desentonar to be out of tune
desfilar to parade
deshojar to defoliate, strip the leaves off
designar to designate
desigualar to be uneven, unequal
desilucionar to disappoint
desinfectar to desinfect
desinflar to deflate
desintegrar to desintegrate
desintoxicar to detoxified, to sober up
desmayar to faint
desmenuzar to crumble
desnudar to undress, to naked
desocupar to vacate
desorientar to mislead, to confuse, to lose one's way
desparramar to scatter, to spread, to squander
despegar to unstick, to take off
despeinar to rough up the hair, dishevel, tousle
despejar to clear, to clarify
desperdiciar to waste
despertar to wake up
despertarse to awaken
despintar to take the paint off
desplegar to unfold
desplomar to tumble, crumble
desplumar to fleece
despoblar to despopulate
destapar to open, to take the lid off, uncover
destinar to destine, assign, to set aside
destrabar to loosen, unfetter
destrozar to smash, to break, to destroy
desubicar to disorient, to confuse
desviar to desviate, to turn aside/away, to alter the course of 
detallar to detail
detectar to detect, to track down
deteriorar to spoil, damage, deteriorate
determinar to determine, decide
detestar to detest
devaluar to devaluate, depreciate
devorar to devour
dialogar to converse
dibujar to draw
dictar to dictate
dificultar to complicate, make difficult
dilatar to dilate   
discar dialling
disculpar to excuse, to apologize
diseñar to design
disfrazar to disguise, to dress up
disfrutar to enyoy,
disimular to hide, to pretend, to dissimulate
disparar to shoot, to fire
disgustar to annoy, upset
divorciar to divorce
divorciarse to get divorced
divulgar to spread, to divulge, circulate
domesticar to tame
dominar to dominate, to control
donar to donate, to give away
dorar to gild, brown
doblar to fold, to bend, to go/turn around, double
drogar drug, dope
duchar have/ take a shower, douche
ducharse have/ take a shower, douche
dudar doubt, disbelieve
duplicar to duplicate, to double
durar to last, to remain