C - ar
cabalgar to ride on horseback
cabecear to head
caducar to expire
calar to pierce,to soak
calcar to trace, to copy
calcular to calculate
calentar to heat up, to warm up
calentarse to get heated, to get warm
calzar to put on
calibrar to gauge
calificar to qualify
calmar to calm, calm down
calmarse to become calm
callar to keep quiet about
callarse say nothing about,  to keep quiet, be quiet, shut up, be silent, remain silent
cambiar to change, to exchange, to move
caminar to walk, to go.
camuflar to camouflage
canalizar to channel
cancelar to cancel
canjear to change, to exchange
cansar to tire
cansarse to get tire, to get tired, get worn out, get weary
cantar to sing
capacitar to capacitate, training
capitalizar to capitalize
captar to perceive, acquire,gain control over
capturar to capture, to arrest
carbonizar to carbonize, to make charcoal of
caracterizar to charecterize
cargar to load, to carry away
casar to marry
casarse to get marry
castigar to punish, to penalize
castrar to castrate
catalogar to catalog
causar to cause
cauterizar to cauterize
cautivar to captivate
cavar to dig
cazar to hunt
cegar to blind
celebrar to celebrate
cenar to dine, to have supper
censurar to censure
centrifugar to centrifuge
cepillar to brush
cercar to fence
cerrar to close
cesar to cease, to stop
circular to circulate
citar to make an appointment
civilizar to civilizer
clarificar to clarify
clasificar to classify
claudicar to limp, toback down
clausurar to suspend
clavar to knock in, to stck
cobijar to cover, to shelter
cobrar to cash, to collect, to charge
cocinar to cook
codear to elbow
codificar to codify
colar to drain
coleccionar to collect
colgar to hang
colocar to place, put
colonizar to colonize
colorear to colour
combinar to combine
comentar to comment
comenzar to begin, start, commence
comercializar to trade, to do business
comparar to compare
compensar to compensate
complementar to complement
completar to complete
complicar to complicate
comportar to behave
comprar to buy, to purchase
comprobar to check, to test
comunicar to communicate
comunicarse to communicate, to get into communication
concentrar to concentrate
conceptuar to conceptualize
concordar to agree, 
concretar to make concrete
concursar to participate to contest
condenar to condemn, to convict
condicionar to conditionate
condimentar to seasoning
conectar to connect
confeccionar to make
confesar to confess, to admit
confiar to trust
configurar to configure, to form, to shape
confirmar to confirm
confiscar to confiscate
congelar to freeze
congregar to congregate
conjeturar to guess
conjugar to conjugate
conjurar beseech, adjure, entreat
conmemorar to commemorate
conquistar to conquer
consagrar to devote
conservar to conserve, to keep, to preserve
considerar to consider
consolar to console
consolidar to consolidate
conspirar to conspire
consultar to consult
contabilizar to bookkeeping
contagiar to pass on, to transmit, to infect, to become infected
contaminar to contaminate
contar to count, to tell, to rely on
contemplar to contemplate, to look at
contener tocontain
contestar to answer, to reply
continuar to continue, to go on with
contrastar to resist
contratar to contract, to hire, to sign on, to engage
controlar to control, to check
conversar to talk
convidar to invite
convocar to convoke, to summon
cooperar to cooperate
coordinar to coordinate
copiar to copy
cortar to cut
cosechar to harvest
costar toi cost
cotizar to quote
crear to create, to make
criar to feed, to bring up, to grow
criticar to criticize
cruzar to cross, to pass each other
cuidar to care, to care for, to look after
culpar to blame, to accuse.
cultivar to cultivate
curar to trat, to cure, to get well
cursar send, study