B - ar  
babear to drool,slaver
bailar to dance
bajar to go/come down, drop, fall, get out, get off,
  to bend down, to lower, descend, download  
balancear to balance, rocking, oscillation, to swing
balbucear to stammer,stutter
balear to shoot
bambolear to swing, to sway, to wobble
bañar to bath, to coat, to give a bath (to someone),
  to bathe (someone)
bañarse to have/ take a bath, swim, bathe (oneself)
barnizar to varnish, refinish, furbish
barrer to sweep
basar to base
batear to hit a ball with a bate
bastar suffice
bautizar to baptize
becar to give a scholarship
beneficiar to benefit, to profit
bendecir to ble
besar to kiss
blanquear to whiten, to turn white, to bleach
blindar to armour
bloquear to blockade
bonificar to refund, to take into account
bordar to embroider
borrar to erase, to rub out, wipe out
bostezar to yawn
boxear box
brillar to shine, to sparkle
brindar to toast
bromear to joke, to have fun
broncear to bronze, tan
broncearse to get a suntan
brotar to sprout, to gush
bucear to dive, to dive under water
burlar to joke, to deceive
burlarse to make fun off, to mock, to ridicule
buscar to look for, seek, search