A - ar
abandonar to abandon, to leave, to give up, to quit
abanicar to fan
abaratar to lower the price
abarcar to include, embrace,
abarrotar to overstock
abdicar to abdicate
ablandar to soften up
abochornar to embarras, toget flustered
abofetear to slap in the face
abogar to plead for, to advocate 
abollar to dent
abonar to settle, to fertilize, to suscribe
abordar to board, get on ( the plane, bus, train) to approach, accost ( a person)
abortar to abort, to have a miscarriage, abortion, cause to miscarry
abotonar to button
abrazar to hug, to embrace  
abreviar to abbreviate, to reduce
abrigar to shelter,to keep warm,
abrochar to button, to staple, to lace up
abrumar to overwhelm
abultar to enlarge, to increase
abusar to abuse, to go too far
acabar to finish, to complete, to conclude, come to the end
acalambrarse to get a cramp, spasm
acampar to camp, go camping
acaparar to monopolize, to hoard
acaramelar to caramelize, to coat with caramel
acariciar to snuggle, to caress, cherish, fondle
acarrear to transport, to carry
acatar to obbey,to respect
accidentar to have an accident
accionar to work, to operate
acechar to spy, to lie in wait for, to watch
aceitar to oil, to lubricate
acelerar to accelerate
acentuar to accent, to stress, to accentuate
aceptar to accept, to approve, to agree to
acercar to bring or move nearer, to approach
acercarse to come nearer, to bring or move nearer,
  to approach, to go near
acertar to hit, to guess, to achive, to get it right
achicar to reduce
aclamar to acclaim
aclarar to clarify, to clear up
aclimatar to acclimatize; to acclimate
acobardar to daunt, intimidate
acomodar to accommodate; to suit; to arrange; to place
acompañar to accompany, to go with, to escort, to attend
acondicionar to arrange, prepare,cto condition
aconsejar to advise