The preposition "hasta"
The preposition "hasta" can mean "to", "until", "till", "as late as", "to the point of", "as many as", "as much a"s," up to" (a certain point), 
"down to", "all the way to", "as far as" (distance), "even", depending on the context of the sentence 
The preposition "hasta" can be used
in expressions of 
in matters of time 
till, until, as late as
Te puedo esparar hasta las 5pm.  I can wait you until 5pm.
Se suspendió la exportación de carne hasta el dos de Septiembre. The export of meat was suspended until September 2.
Hasta luego. See you later, Until then.
Hasta mañana. Until tomorrow.
No llegará hasta la medianoche. He won't arrive until midnight.
in expresion of 
measurements, quantity
to the point of, as much as, as many as, up to.
Olas de hasta cinco metros. Waves up to 5 meters high.
Hasta 400.000 toneladas de carbón han sido exportadas cada año. As many as 400,000 tons of coal have been exported each year.
In expresion of
 Place - location - distance - certain point
as far as, up to, down to, all the way to
Viajó hasta Nueva York. He traveled as far as  New York.
Conduzca hasta el semáforo. Drive up to the traffic light.
Viajamos en tren desde Mendoza hasta Buenos Aires.  We traveled by train from Mendoza to Buenos Aires.
Fueron hasta la orilla del lago. They went as far as the shore of the lake.
In expresion of
till, untill
Todo iba bien hasta que comenzó a llover. Everything was going fine until start raining.
In expresion of
is used in greetings 
¡Hasta el año que viene!    See you next year!
¡Hasta luego!    See you later!
¡Hasta pronto!    See you soon!
¡Hasta mañana!    See you tomorrow!

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