The preposition "en"
"en" the Spanish preposition can be translated as: 
in, on, into, at, about, by, on top of, upon, inside of, for, and other ways.
The Spanish preposition "en" is used to indicate location, place, amount of  money, value, proportion,  
time, periods of time, movement, transport, place, manners and other meanings.
and is found in a few idioms, expressions and compound prepositions.
When "en" doesn't mean "on" or "in," in the usual English translations, you can tell the meaning by the sentence context . 
there are many uses of "en" in Spanish. 
Here are the most common uses, with examples:
 But you should be aware of those uses, so you know that "en" might not only means "in" or "on."
To indicate location, place, and meaning "in":
 To indicate where something takes place or is located
 "in" when indicating "location at" or " within"
Vivo en Canadá. I live in Canada. 
Vivo en Argentina. I live in Argentina.
Estoy en París. I'm in Paris.
Estoy en mi casa ahora.  I´m in my house now.
Está en la heladera.   it’s in the fridge.
En la clase. in  class.
Lo conocí en el gimnasio.  I met him at the Gym.
Estamos en París. We are in Paris.
El libro está en la biblioteca. The book is in the library.
La comida está en la mesa. The dinner is on the table.
To express "motion" in or into a place.
Póngalo en la caja. Put it in the box.
To indicate location and meaning "in":   
 "In" meaning "inside of" also can be expressed by "dentro de".
The preposition "en" can be interchangeable with " dentro de"
El libro está en mi mochila.  The book is in my backpack.
El libro está dentro de mi mochila. The book is in (inside) my backpack.
El dinero está en la caja fuerte. The money is in the strongbox.
Está en mi billetera.  It is in my wallet
Estamos en el Museo We are in the Museum.
To indicate location and meaning "at":  
Trabajo en la empresa.  I work at the Company.
...en casa. home.
…en el aeropuerto. the airport.
Ellas están en la iglesia. They are at the church.
Lo conocí en el Club de Regatas.  I met him at the Yacht Club.
Alfredo trabaja en McDonalds.  Alfredo works at McDonald's.

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