The preposition "contra" 
The Spanish preposition "contra" can be used;
"Contra" in most cases it is the equivalent of the English preposition  "against" 
 CONTRA expresses opposite force:
Estoy contra la huelga.  I' am against the strike.
Estoy contra la guerra.  I’m against war.
and denotes opposition to someone or something, usually indicating some sort of opposition.
Ellos luchan en contra de la poda de árboles. They fight against the trees pruning.
with the meaning of "in opposition to" 
It is common to substitute "contra" for the phrase "en contra de" when it means "in opposition to":
Tengo cinco objeciones en contra de la ley.  I have five objections against the law.
Sobrevivió en contra de la adversidad.  She survived against the adversity.
The phrase "en contra de que" is used similarly before a verb:
Su madre estaba en contra de que fuera cantante.  Her mother was against her being a singer.
Los profesores no están en contra de que Bush venga al país.  The teachers are not against Bush coming to the country.
El 61% están en contra de que el presidente vete la ley.  Sixty-one percent are against the president vetoing the law.
"Contra" can also mean "against" when referring to location:
La silla está contra la pared.  The chair is against the wall. The chair is next to the wall.
Lo tiró contra la casa.  He threw it against the house. He threw it at the house.
"Contra" can  means against or into. It is used to indicate position or direction. 
Los trabajadores están en contra de nuevos horarios.  The workers are against the new schedules.
Nadar contra la corriente es cansador. Swimming agains the current is exhausted.
El ciclista chocó contra el árbol.  The cyclist crashed against the tree. The cyclist crashed into the tree.
Las olas golpean contra el muelle. The waves  crashed  into the dock.
Una sola dosis de vacuna contra la gripe A permitirá la inmunización total contra la gripe A.
                                             A single dose of flu vaccine will allow the full immunization against influenza A.
 Conferencia Mundial contra el Racismo. World Conference against Racism
Estoy contra la huelga.  I am against the strike.
Las olas chocan contra las rocas del espigón. The waves crash against the rocks of the breakwater

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