"how to wonder"

about something in the PRESENT in  Spanish.
Spanish doesn't have a verb for "to wonder."  Spanish does have a verb called "preguntarse" or to ask one's self.
But "me pregunto" or "I ask myself" isn't exactly the same as "I wonder."  In the Spanish language, in order "to wonder" in the PRESENT you ASK YOURSELF questions using the FUTURE TENSE.

1. ¿Qué hora será?                                       I wonder what time it is.
2. ¿Cómo se llamará esta calle?                    I wonder what's the street name.
3. ¿Quién vendrá a la reunión?                      I wonder who is coming to the meeting.
4. ¿Qué comprarán  en Londres?                  I wonder what they are going to buy in London.
5. ¿Quién ganará la carrera?                          I wonder who will win the race.

Although Spanish only has one way to say "I wonder . . . " about something in the PRESENT (ask yourself a question using the future tense)

Spanish actually has two different ways to say "I wonder . . . . " about something in the past:

"how to wonder" about something in the PAST in Spanish? Using …

1. The Conditional
2. The future perfect.

The Conditional
1. ¿Qué hora sería cuando se fue la meastra?               I wonder what time it was when the teacher left
2. ¿Cuánto costaría el anillo que vimos?                       I wonder how much cost the rind we saw.
3. ¿Dónde estarían los vecinos anoche?                       I wonder where were our  neighbours last night.
4. ¿Qué comería  Pedro hoy?                                      I wonder what Pedro ate today.

The "futuro perfecto" or future perfect.
1. ¿Quién habrá puesto arvejas en mi plato?
    ¿Quién habrá colocado arvejas en mi plato?             I wonder who put peas on my plate.

And of course you can also "wonder" by asking yourself the same question using the conditional:

¿Quién pondría arvejas en mi plato?
¿Quién colocaría arvejas en mi plato?

2. ¿Cuánto habrá costado la pizza?                               I wonder how much did the pizza cost.
3. ¿Dónde habrán estado los vecinos anoche?               I wonder where were our neighbours last night.
4. ¿Cuánto habrán pagado por esa casa?                        I wonder how much did they pay for that house.

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