Using 'No' and related words
Frases with "ni"   The translatinos is just an idea about its meaning
  hard to do an accurate translation.
( if you like to know more about, send me an email and
I can give you more examples or explanations)
ni carne ni pescado   neither meat nor fish 
ni el uno ni el otro   neither the one nor the other
ni el uno ni el otro, ninguno de los dos   neither one nor the other, none of them
ni hablar     nor speak
ni jota I can´t understand a bit
no entender ni jota   not understand even one letter.
no entiendo ni jota   I do not understand anything
ni la menor idea    no idea
no tener ni idea   have no idea
ni mucho menos   much less
ni más ni menos   neither more nor less
ni pizca nor a pinch
ni cinco céntimos   nor cost even five cents
ni siquiera   don´t even
ni un poco   nor a little
ni un pito nor a whistle
no ceder ni ápice    not yeld nor apex
no decir ni pío   do not open a mouth to say anything
no poder ver ni en pintura   not seeing nor in a picture.
no querer ni oír hablar de   do not want to hear about
no tener ni la más remota posibilidad   not having even the remotest possibility
ni fu ni fa nor fu, nor fa ( something or somebody do not move you in any way)
sin ton ni son   without rhyme or reason
¡ni hablar!   Do not , No way!
ni se te ocurra   do not ever
ni parecido   nor similar

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