Adjective is a word whose role is to modifies or describes a noun (person or thing) or pronoun, in the sentence
All Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine. 

Knowing the gender of the noun will make adjectives much easier to understand.

Most descriptives adjetives in Spanish end in "o", "e" or a consonant
To form the plural of the "o" ending singular masculines adjectives an "s" is added to the end of the word
Masculine Masculine
singular plural
alto altos tall
extranjero extranjero foreign
barato baratos cheap
frío fríos cold
blanco blancos white
gordo gordos fat
bonito bonitos pretty
largo largos long
caro caros expensive
limpio limpios clean
cómodo cómodos comfortable
loco locos crazy
corto cortos short
delgado delgados thin
moderno modernos modern
sucio sucios dirty
duro duros hard
ending in –"o," these adjectives actually have four different endings each:  masculine, feminine, and each plurals.
Adjectives must agree in gender and number with the nouns they modify
hombre educado mujer  educada
hombres  educados mujeres  educadas
el auto limpio los autos limpios
la casa limpia las casas limpias
When an adjective modifies two or more nouns of mixed gender, the masculine adjetive is used.
la pulsera y los aros de color rojo
los zapatos y la cartera  en negro
Masculine, singular Masculine, plural
alto  altos tall
bajo bajos short
pequeño pequeños small
grande grandes big
flaco flacos skinny
gordo gordos fat
delgado delgados slim
obeso obesos obese
guapo guapos handsome
atletico atleticos athletic
deportivo deportivos sporting
educado educados educated
The feminine singular adjective is formed by changing the last  "o" from the above list to an "a"
The feminine plural is formed by adding an "s" to the feminine singular form
Feminine, singular Feminine, plural
alta  altas tall
baja bajas short
pequeña pequeñas small
flaca flacas skinny
gorda gordas fat
delgada delgadas slim
obesa obesas obese
guapa guapas handsome
atletica atleticas athletic
deportiva deportivas sporting
educada educadas educated
Feminine, singular Feminine, plural
bonita bonitas pretty
bella bellas beautifull
hermosa hermosas lovely
magnifica magnificas magnificent
aplicada aplicadas diligent
extraordinaria extraordinarias extraordinary
perceptiva perceptivas perceptive
astuta astutas astute
ordenada ordenadas neat
activa activas active
practice practice practice practice

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