Regular Comparison of Equality
This adjective comparative of equality is used to compare two items of the same characteristics
In order to make this comparison  the word ¨tan…. ..como¨ are used, wich in English mean ¨as…….as¨
Nouns can also be compared by using the form ¨tanto……como¨, wich in English mean ¨as much or ……as many as¨
Notice that the word ¨tanto¨ agrees with the noun within the sentence
El sofá  azul es tan cómodo como el negro The blue sofa is as comfortable as the black one
Esta empleada es tan eficiente como aquella This employee is as eficient as that one
Alicia hace tanto trabajo como Susana Alice does as much work as Susana
Alicia trabaja tanto como Susana Alice works as hard as Susana
Agustina y Bárbara compran tantas cosas como Josefina Agustina and Bárbara buy as many things as Josefina
This expresion can be used as a pronoun like in the following sentence. 
In this case the meaning ¨as much as, or as many…as¨ does not change
Ella hace tanto como Alice She does as much as Alice
Viajamos tanto como ellos We travel as much as them
When things are being compared they must have equal characteristics
and  we use a comparison of equality
La película es tan buena como el libro The movie is as good as the book
Carlos es tan simpático como Omar Carlos is as simpatic as Omar
To form comparisons of equality using adjectives or adverbs:
TAN+ adjective (adverb) + COMO
To form comparisons of equality using nouns:
TANTO + noun + COMO
TANTO - tanta - tantos - tantas
Hay tantos niños como niñas There are as many boys as girls
Tenemos tantas sillas como invitados There are as many chairs as guests
Tomas tanto café como yo You drink as much coffe as I do
When actions (not things) are being compared, and there is no adjective
verb + tanto + como
Mis hijas estudian tanto como las tuyas study as much as
Barbara viaja tanto como Miguel travel as much as
Juan trabaja tanto como Andrés works as much as
When actions (not things) are being compared, and there is an adjective
verb + tan + adjective  + como
El día es tan largo como la noche is as long as
Diego trabaja tan rápido como la máquina works as fast as
Hernán juega tan bien como Diego play as good as practice

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