Superlative adjectives absolute
When the sufixx  ´ isimo¨ is added to the adjective, the absolute superlative is formed.
The equivalent translation in English is : most, very, or extremely
When the adjective end in a vowel in the singular, the vowel is substituted by the ending ¨ísimo¨
When the adjective end in a consonant the ending ¨´isimo¨is added to the end.
Superlative adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they modify
bueno good buenísimo very good
malo bad malísimo very bad
inteligente inteligent inteligentísimo most inteligent
astuto astute astutísimo most astute
hábil skillful hablísimo very skillful
popular popular popularísimo most popular
sagaz clever sagazísimo most clever
precoz precocious precocísimo very precocious
veloz quick velocísimo very quick
encantador charming encantadorísimo most charming
lindo beautiful lindísimo most beautiful
bajo short bajísimo very short
alto tall altísimo very tall
grande big grandísimo very big
interesante interesting interesantísimo most interesting
Este es un país lindísimo This is a very beautifull country
Es una mujer inteligentísima She is a very intelligent woman
El malabarista es habilísimo The juggler is very skillful
La fiesta estuvo buenísima The party was very good.
Hay superlativos absolutos que en lugar de terminar en -ísimo terminan en -érrimo:
There are absolute superlatives that instead of ending on-end in-érrimo ísimo:

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