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 People learning Spanish  in particular  have a  tendency  to lump all Spanish speakers as “Spanish people.”
“ Spanish language”   This term is not accurate (a person from Spain is a  Spaniard and they speak  Spanish
like Spaniards do, a person from Argentina is Argentinean and they speak Castilian... and so on).  Students
should be aware that there are at least 18 countries on three continents that list Spanish as they language
(called Castilian or castellano  in many countries)  as  a primary  language,  and  must  be able to  recognize that  that  there  are differences  between  Dominicans  and  Venezuelans,  between  Argentineans and  Costa Ricans and  people from Ecuador,  Peru,  Chile,  México and others.  In addition,  many  Spanish  speakers  prefer a term which is the specific  adjective of  its nationality, because  if  even is  Spanish  languages that all of them talk, they have their own words, or use  different  words to talk about the same thing, even though  they  can  understand between themselves perfectly.